Our Model Cars

Numbers and pictures say more than thousand words. So on this page you get many facts about the model cars we perform our experiments with.

Scale 1:5
Speed 50 km/h
Power 2.5 PS
Weight 12 kg
Rear-wheel drive electric


We used several sensors and communication tools. Learn more by hovering the elements in the right table.

Wheel-speed sensors
Longitudinal acceleration sensor
Lateral acceleration sensor
Yaw rate sensor
Steer angle sensor
WLAN data transfer
Communication via CAN-Bus
Working OBD-Interface
Hydraulic disk brakes

Measures the rotation of every single wheel with an accuracy of 6 degrees.

Assesses how the car accelerates or brakes.

Shows how strong the accelleration to side is (e.g. when cornering).

Shows how fast the car rotates when cornering.

Logs how much the car is turned in.

Transfers all data of the sensors and actuators in real time to an computer (smartphone planned).

The control units communicate with the industrial standard CAN like real world cars do.

With On-Board-Diagnose the car data can be read with the ISO standard.

Like in a real car we can break each car individually with high precision.